Raw Brown Cane Sugar Grade E ICUMSA 600-1200

  • Origin: South America/Brazil
  • Icumsa: 600 – 1200
  • Polarization : 96.00% Min
  • Ash content : 0.09% Max
  • Moisture : 0.09% Max
  • SO2: 20 PPM
  • Colour: Brown
  • Granulation: Fine
  • Solubility: 90% Free Flowing

Raw sugar is the product from which refined sugars are made. It is also consumed in some parts of the world as a foodstuff in its own right. The bulk of the world’s sugar exports are made up of raw sugar, the most notable exporter of raw sugar being Brazil, which exports VHP raw sugar in massive amounts, often exceeding twenty million tons, every year.


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